Toti Alvarez Piano Studio

Woodside, New York

Videography: Graduates

Since 1988 when Mr. Alvarez started teaching in Woodside, New York, many have come from various places of the five boroughs of the city and even as far as New Jersey to take private lessons from him, Most started as young beginners and continued until their teenage years when they graduated high school. Some had decided to pursue college degrees in music and piano performance from various prestigious schools in the the country. Among the successful pupils, the music video samplings here profile the following featured graduates:
Auditions, Masterclasses & Competitions
Recitals & Adjudications
  1. Rosalie Dela Rosa
  2. Otavio L. Meneses
  1. Christian De Jesus
  2. John Daniel De Jesus
  1. Sunny Jade Pacheco
  2. Irene Kho
  3. Neil Reyes