Toti Alvarez Piano Studio

Woodside, New York

Auditions, Masterclasses & Competitions
Recitals & Adjudications
Recitals & Adjudications
Commitment to excellence is the main thrust of the teaching methodology of this piano studio. It is its goal to form each pupil into becoming young competent musician. It necessarily involves the participation and the best efforts of both the parents and the students to achieve this purpose. The advancement of each one will be attested by the level of each performance in every musical event they participate.
Mr. Toti Alvarez has designed a grading report system, where each pupil will be issued a Performance Analysis Sheet at the end of every period to show adjudicatiion of each level of advancement . The parents will then have a gauge of their children's strenghts, weaknesses and areas that require improvements.

There will be at least two students' recitals every year. One of these recitals will be adjudicated by another professional pianist, who will grade and give written commentaries and commendations of each recitalist.

Every high school graduating student will be presented in a solo recital as a fulfilment of their years of continuing studies.