Toti Alvarez Piano Studio

Woodside, New York


All piano courses offered are opened for young and adults at all levels - beginners, intermediate, advanced and collegiate. Special classes for voice, solfege, theory and music appreciation are likewise offered. On children below the age of seven, it is recommended that they have learned the alphabets and be able to count at least from 1 to 10. The ability of the child to sit down and be attentive to respond to instructions will be a prerequisite for acceptance. The youngest pupil who started here was 3 & a half years old. An active participation of a
Auditions, Masterclasses & Competitions
Recitals & Adjudications
parent or guardian from the early stages of the lessons is required to facilitate better learning on part of the very young one. Instilling love of music and the disciplines required from it truly starts at home in the living room where practicing becomes an integral part of the studies. It is the beginning of music education not only for the pupil but for the family with their active involvement in the process from the beginner level towards their young adulthood as young musicians and artists.

Teens and older beginners are under the adult piano course category. They normally include professionals, housewives, college students and high school students. Refresher courses are given to those who already have had previous lessons and would pick it up from where they left.

Each student is enjoined to participate in various musical programs such as students' recitals, local adjudications and competitions, and masterclasses conducted by well-esteeemed artists and pedagogues.